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How does Superman shave his beard?

We seem to be Superman obsessed here at Aural Visual but dammit this movie just looks too good to not talk about!

Many people through the years have questioned Superman’s shaving abilities. How does he do it? Heat vision? Krypto shaving cream? Adam and Jamie from Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters have a few theories of their own.

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– Kristen


For all you astronomy fans…

For all you astronomy fans...

This is happening tomorrow. For those of us who don’t have access to super, high-tech, gigantor telescopes, thankfully the wonderful folks Slooh Space Camera will make it easier for you. You can watch the asteroid (that is 9 times larger than a cruise ship) pass by the Earth.

It’s amazing that we humans are so fascinated by something that could ultimately destroy us. We’re so silly.

This is a perfect reminder that life is unstable. We are merely floating in an intergalactic battlefield, so don’t waste your time on pointless things like material objects. Experience the world! Do things! Enjoy life! Because all the things you accumulate will be left behind when the Earth gets obliterated anyway.

Thus ends my motivational rant for the night.

Let’s all watch and marvel at the giant floating rock tomorrow night! Then tell me what you thought about it. (Because I might forget and miss it.)

Until tomorrow,

Goodnight Humans


– Kristen