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Samsung Galaxy S4: Is the fastest selling Android device the perfect phone for the everyday multitasker

The newest smartphone to join the Samsung family is the Galaxy S4 in May and I must say I was quite excited. I currently have the Galaxy S3 and have been quite happy with it since leaving the iPhone behind. While I am still am a supporter of Apple products, I have to say the Android smartphone has won my heart. It’s literally like having a mini computer in my hands.

Anyway, the specs between the two phones aren’t vastly difference. However, Samsung did make some very slight adjustments in terms of camera quality and storage space. While the S3 only came in 16GB and 32GB options, with the S4 you have the option of upgrading to 64GB. In addition to that, you have the option of a microSD up to 64GB. The camera has been upgraded from 8 megapixels to 13 for the rear camera and the front camera from 1.9 megapixels to 2. It is a little lighter in weight but virtually looks the same as the S3. It has a wider HD screen display and is slightly thinner.

The Galaxy S4 camera has been said to be the best on the market according to a French digital optics firm. More about that can be found in the Tech News World article here. Pictures are much more vibrant and has better zooming options.

Little upgrades to the S4 has me wanting to upgrades in the operating system, such as voice control, a sensor software that detects your eye movements so webpages automatically scroll without touching the screen and videos pause when you look away. There is also an “air gesture” option that allows you to magnify parts of the screen when you hover your finger over it. Similar to Apple iPhone Siri option, Samsung has Google Now.

This phone is perfect for the everyday multitasker – which I am. While I am not unhappy with my S4, the flashy user-friendly options has me wanting to make the switch ASAP.

Check out the chart below to compare the side by side specifications of all the popular smartphones in Samsungs line up.

– Kristen


Sony has one upped Microsoft in the new gaming console “war”.


Sony has done something right so far in promoting their highly anticipated PS4 console and that’s by marketing it as what it is, a gaming console before anything.

“The most important thing we need to make sure we do, at least initially, is that we all agree and understand that the PS4 is a great video game console that appeals to video gamers,” said Hirai. “If we miss that part than I don’t think we get the initial establishment of the console.”

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said at this year’s All Things Digital conference.

Microsoft has been pushing their new Xbox One console as an all-in-one entertainment console to much backlash from dedicated gamers.

Your move, Microsoft.

– Kristen

I may no longer support Microsoft…


As you all may have seen, we have posted a few of our thoughts on the Xbox One. With more and more of the information trickleing out as we lead up to E3, I find myself drifting away from the Xbox fandom I used to have.

The price point so far has been rumoured to be at $770 or close to it. I also can’t get behind the idea that Kinect is always on. The first big mistake was Microsoft letting go of almost every exclusive franchise with really only Halo, Forza and Gears left and I could really care less about those franchises anymore. So needless to say, I am excited to see what the PS4 will be bringing to the market this year at E3.

Let’s see how this will play out.


It’s Fridayyy!


Hello all you lovely people! It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the weekend! But it also means it’s time for us here at Aural/Visual to say THANK YOU! To all our lovely followers.

It has been a great week and we hope to continue to bring you guys some informative and entertaining posts to check out.

We’ve been busy here thinking of new ways to interact and keep things interesting. We are currently working on a logo to help brand our blog and also working on video components featuring reviews and game play of new video games and film reviews.

So that’s how I’m spending my weekend. (Aside from my real job. Yay, adulthood!)

We love feedback and would love to hear from you all! Tell us what you would like us to review or talk about.


Thanks again for all the love and tell your friends!

I know we already made a post about this, BUT… (IGN Article)


I just read this on my IGN app and unlike my boyfriend, I wasn’t able to watch the reveal, so I’m getting all my info from various sources.

Anyway, I have three things I already am not liking about the Xbox One, that are outlined in the article:

1) Next gen Kinect will be available on PC in the near future. WHY?

2) Previous Xbox hardware such as controllers and the first Gen Kinect will not work with the new console. Awesome, so all controllers that I currently own can’t serve as back ups and are essentially obsolete when my current console goes down.

3) Kinect must be plugged in at ALL times in order for the console to work? It will always be on, even in the dark, watching your every move and hearing every sound? Cool, so then someone will eventually figure out how to hack the system and possibly creep on you…

I know I’m taking that last one a little to the extreme but come on folks, anything is possible.

Might I add, motion gaming is only fun if you’re drunk and EVEN THEN it gets old really fast. Or if you’re a child.

With that said, maybe Microsoft shouldn’t force their customers into using hardware they may never or simply don’t want to use. If there is one thing we humans love to have, it’s having options. GIVE US SOME.

The only way I’ll consider purchasing he new system is if they revamp Killer Instinct.

Maybe I’m being too critical and maybe I should wait to get more info on the Xbox One, but as of right now I am a little iffy about it.

Microsoft unveils the Xbox one.


So today finally marked the reveal of the last of the next gen consoles. With the Wii U already struggling and the PS4 already revealed, I was waiting to see what Microsoft was cooking up. I don’t consider myself a hardcore gamer nor do I consider myself a casual gamer. I fit in some place in the middle of that, which left me a little disappointed with the Xbox One. There was a strong focus on Kinect 2 and how it is now fully integrated into the system. I’m not a fan of the Kinect in the first place. I have always been a more classic controller type of guy. This whole new focus on motion gaming just
hasn’t been my cup of tea.

So seeing how Kinect 2 is shaping up to be a primary aspect of the Xbox One, it has me feeling a little on the fence. Microsoft also announced
the use of cloud saving. Things are also not clear if the system needs to always have an online source or not. Another big aspect of the new system is that the Xbox is now
completely synced to your television and jumping from game to tv is almost seamless, which didn’t really blow me away. My remote can usually change input’s just as fast.

I am sure now with E3 around the corner in June alot of the information will be held back until then, but right now my decision on which console I will jump to this holiday season is still up in the air. The one thing that can possibly change my mind at this point is the big reveal that Rare has planned. If Banjo Kazooie or Killer Instinct is on the table to be released
along the Xbox One I will have some serious thinking to do this holiday season.

Watch “E3 – Weird gamer guy” on YouTube

I came across this video while on college and I must say that this must’ve been extremely uncomfortable for that poor girl.

And this video only furthers the stereotype that gamers are weird, which is definitely NOT true.

I dunno.