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Are video games art?

I frequent quite a bit. I mostly go to find random, funny videos because I am easily amused (obviously). Anyway, I came across this video that asks the age old question: Are ______ art? In this case, are video games art?


It’s Fridayyy!


Hello all you lovely people! It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the weekend! But it also means it’s time for us here at Aural/Visual to say THANK YOU! To all our lovely followers.

It has been a great week and we hope to continue to bring you guys some informative and entertaining posts to check out.

We’ve been busy here thinking of new ways to interact and keep things interesting. We are currently working on a logo to help brand our blog and also working on video components featuring reviews and game play of new video games and film reviews.

So that’s how I’m spending my weekend. (Aside from my real job. Yay, adulthood!)

We love feedback and would love to hear from you all! Tell us what you would like us to review or talk about.


Thanks again for all the love and tell your friends!

As if the world of mainstream music couldn’t get ANY worse…


The collaboration from hell flooded the news yesterday that Paris Hilton (you know, the ditzy, blonde socialite heiress who is famous for being famous) has joined forces with L’il Wayne and his record label, Cash Money.

God help us all.

If it wasn’t torture enough, we were already scolded with the terrible, terrible musical effort about 7 years ago. Then again, not too long ago, trying to DJ and doing it terribly. (See below)


Haven’t we suffered enough? With the Justin Beibers and Taylor Swifts of the music world already mucking it up, do we really need more??

Keep in mind, this is just my opinion and I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind if this the brand and style of music that you love. I’m just asking some very valid questions like WHY? OH GOD, WHY MUST WE BE SUBJECTED TO SUCH EMPTY, SHALLOW, TALENTLESS GARBAGE?!

Anyway, I’m sure this will plunder like everything else she’s tried. But kudos for her to her strong will and determination and her total obliviousness to the fact that people are just trying to make a dime off her name, not her “talents”.

So carry on you hopeful heiress you and may your dreams take you further than your talents ever will!


Her magical DJ set

That is all.

New Man of Steel theme takes flight

If you read the About Me section you would have learned that I am a Superman Superfan. My girlfriend used to make fun of me when we first met because she is a Bruce Wayne aficionado. After some convincing and showing her (almost) the entire series of Smallville, she became a fan. Well, with that version anyway. I have yet to get her to watch the Christopher Reeves movies.

With Man of Steel getting closer to its release on June 14th, I have been scouring the internet reading info and everything I can about the movie, since we all know Superman is the best hero out there. I thought of waiting until I was actually in the theater to hear to the main theme for the film but out of temptation I turned my speakers on full blast and decided to give it a listen. It was absolutely amazing.

Being a huge fan of the John Williams score and having that in my head all these years, I must say Hans Zimmer’s new take really hit the nail on the head and brought life into the actual feelings Of Clark, Kal-el, Superman whatever you want to call him but I really think this score shows all three sides and names of Clark. As in the John Williams score it was perfect for the time, it had that comic feel and matched the persona of Superman at the time. I can’t really choose which one I like more, but for now I feel this theme fits the Superman of today. Have a listen and let me know what your thoughts are of the new theme compared to Williams.