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Are video games art?

I frequent quite a bit. I mostly go to find random, funny videos because I am easily amused (obviously). Anyway, I came across this video that asks the age old question: Are ______ art? In this case, are video games art?



Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors and I came across this lovely article from the Art DepartMENTAL blog. If you are a fan of great production design and Wes Anderson movies, check this out!

– Kristen

Psychedelic Posters by Elzo Durt

I (Kristen) am an absolutely fan of illustrative art! While I draw here and there myself, seeing other artists such as the ones featured in this blog and the blog poster himself, it makes me wish I had put WAY more time and effort into my art than I have in recent years. Things are slowing down for me considerably, so perhaps I shall pick up a marker or two and get drawing!

Check out this blog and the great art featured in it! I love it.