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Watch “Man of Steel – Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer [HD]” on YouTube

Nokia released the final trailer for Man of Steel yesterday. Check it out because it is pretty awesome.

One week until the movie opens and I’m sure it will top the box office for its opening weekend.

I want to avoid the opening day rush and will see on Sunday.

Are you guys stoaked for this movie or what?!


Will The Purge live up to the suspenseful thrills it promises in the trailers?

The Purge is out in theatres today and while this highly unrealistic story line seems intriguing enough, something tells me it may not live up the suspenseful thrill it promises in the trailer.

Set ten years in the future, The Purge is about a family’s fight for survival in a 12-hour free-for-all in a city where all crime is legal and all emergency services are suspended.

The film is apparently a social commentary on the “system” favoring the wealthy, blah, blah, blah.

Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend and write a nice, little review about it.

Happy movie watching!

Archie live-action movie coming soon??


Here you go all you Archie fans, a live-action film may soon be in existence, according to Warner Bros. is in development to turn Robert Aguirre Sarcasa’s Afterlife with Archie comic apparently to be directed by Jason Moore.

The plan is to put Archie and his gang in a similar situation like Evil Dead. I’m going to go ahead and assume like Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead because let’s be honest, a serious Archie zombie movie? Come onnn.

I’m not really a huge Archie fan. Actually, I’m not at all but I figured this could possibly be good news for Archie and zombie fans alike.

Only time will tell…

How does Superman shave his beard?

We seem to be Superman obsessed here at Aural Visual but dammit this movie just looks too good to not talk about!

Many people through the years have questioned Superman’s shaving abilities. How does he do it? Heat vision? Krypto shaving cream? Adam and Jamie from Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters have a few theories of their own.

Also worth checking out

– Kristen

Behind the scenes look – Man of steel

I feel like I am swarming you guys with Man of Steel info, but with the release date approaching, a ton of videos are being released to market the film. All of which are awesome in my book. I just saw this featurette and felt like I needed to share. It gives us a big glimpse of the kind of world Zack Snyder was trying to create with Man of Steel and let’s just say I am impressed.

– Andrew

New Trailers – Machete Kills

Danny Trejo is back in the second installment to the Machete movies written and directed by Robert Rodrigues. We first met Machete in the fake trailer played before Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse features back in 2007.

Like the first one, Machete Kills is full of action, explosions, eye candy and I’m sure a lot of bloodied limbs.

Check out the trailer featuring a some notable and some not-so-notable actors.


– Kristen