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New look! New posts! New everything!

New look! New posts! New everything!

Hello lovelies! After a bit of a hiatus from the blogging world, I have returned! I’m not sure how many of you are excited about this but nonetheless, I bring you fascinating news:

– New site design coming! Since this has turned into a solo endeavour (unless some of you are interested in collaborating, contributing, etc.) I have decided to spruce up the blog a bit.

– I am going to try (very hard) to post daily.

– And as always, I am always looking for contributors! So please, do not hesitate to send and share your ideas. Creative collaboration is always awesome!

I have a lot of catching up to do in terms of posts and discussing topics of interest to all of you and I will provide!

I hope you all have had and are still enjoy what’s left of this lovely Summer (here, near and far!).


New look, new updates!

Good morning humans!

If you’ve been visiting the page over the weekend, you would have noticed several layout changes. Sorry for the chaotic confusion but we were just looking for something that can stick for the long haul! We finally decided on a new a look with a new logo!

Just a quick thank you to the 20+ peeps who decided to follow us over the weekend, we love you! And thank you. You’re awesome!

Alright, I think I’ve done enough damage with the exclamation points.

– Kristen

Guest bloggers, we want YOU!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone’s weekend is going splendidly. I know mine is although it is very busy, busy, busy! With that said, we are looking for guest bloggers to submit posts here and there because we can’t be glued to our computers (unfortunately) but also, because we love to hear from other recreational (or even more serious) writers with a high interest in what we share here at Aural/Visual.

If this is something that interests you, please visit our contact page and submit!

Have a great weekend!

So, I missed the Office series finale. How did this happen?


I must be getting old because I cannot remember what I did last Thursday. Amongst other things, the Office series finale was Thursday night and I missed it. I’ll admit, after the departure of Michael Scott I was not tuning into the show religiously but I was still catching a few episodes here and there to get an idea of where the characters were in their story line.

One story line that flat lined for me, I felt, was Pam and Jim. After they got married, they just got boring. I mean Jim stil managed to do cutesy things that girls everywhere wished their husbands or boyfriends did for them. Oh, the wonders of popular culture, putting more unrealistic ideas into the minds of us women and putting copious amounts of pressure on men.

Anyway, last thing I knew about the series was that Dwight and Angela, the most perfectly odd couple were finally going to be together and Dwight finally figured out that he was the father of Angela’s baby. Pam felt like she was holding Jim back from his dreams and worried that she wasnt enough. Cue good guy Jim to come in and save his damsel in distress by showing her a compilation of all their memories together before and after they got together.

That’s all I remember. Someone fill in the blanks if they’d like, I’m curious.

Perhaps I’ll catch the series finale on repeat or find it online. All I know is that after wonky viewer ratings post-Michael Scott, the series drew in 5.7 millions viewers. I guess a lot of people like me were curious to see how it would all come to an end. As much as I enjoyed the Office, it’s no loss to me as I don’t watch a heck of a lot of television to begin anyway (that’s what season DVDs are for!

Welcome! Bienvenue! Uh…Hi.

Greetings (future) internet friends!

Welcome to Aural/Visual: the blog that blogs about things that need to be blogged about. More specifically, anything to fulfill your enthusiast needs from the audio/visual world. Check back daily for the latest reviews in tech, gaming, music, movies and everything in between! This is a combined venture and hopefully we can entertain and inform. A token of appreciation and  your viewing pleasure, please accept this internet video courtesy of of cute, little animals sneezing.

Stay classy.