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Are video games art?


I frequent collegehumor.com quite a bit. I mostly go to find random, funny videos because I am easily amused (obviously). Anyway, I came across this video that asks the age old question: Are ______ art? In this case, are video games art?


ThinkGeek, why do you have the most awesome stuff ever?!

I always frequent thinkgeek.com and I fall in love with so many things! The only thing that prevents me from actually buying anything are the shipping costs (I live in Canada). Being a student, copious amounts of online spending is not always (almost never) in the budget. However! I approach my final year in school (finally) and will soon have a well-paying job (hopefully) and will have all the money in the world to spend at thinkgeek.com!! (Probably not, but a girl can dream).

This morning, my beloved boyfriend sent me a link to their site to me show me STAR WARS WATCHES. I’ll admit, I haven’t been on thinkgeek for a while now so chances are they have been there forever. Either way, they are awesome and we want them all! They come in 5 awesome “styles”, if you will, featuring SOME of your fav characters.

Here they are:



The Dark Lord of the Sith


Boba Fett






These watches retail at $199 plus taxes and shipping. Done deal. My love for Star Wars and fashionable accessories melded into one? Nothing can get better than this. Maybe I’ll treat myself and the boyfriend with a couple of watches this summer.

If you haven’t already, please visit thinkgeek.com for all your geeky/techy needs. Tell them I sent you.

Also ThinkGeek, if you’re reading this, I think you really think of opening an office in Toronto. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.