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Brace yourselves. Grumpy Cat: The Movie is coming


2013 Meme of the Year award winner Grumpy Cat, will in fact get her own feature length film, reports The Guardian. The feline internet sensation gained viral internet fame last year with her picture showing her “not impressed” face. She will be animated, giving her speech and a personality. Hollywood movie producers are hoping to create a film much like another famous comic feline, Garfield.

My only question is, why?

There are so many other filmmakers out there with stories to share and art to reveal that aren’t getting green lit. Or they have to wait years and years before their work be recognized. But here we have a cat that, due to unfortunate circumstances, has an expression that renders her to be an internet sensation and because she has won several awards and alotted millions of views, producers are hoping to cash in on this success.

But will Grumpy Cat’s 15 minutes soon run out? With people’s obsession with viral videos and even humans getting famous from them, probably not. I’m just not too sure if this movie will make millions or see mildly disappointing success like the two Garfield films.

With the way mainsteam media is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if the goats who yell like humans will get their own sitcom in the near future…

Oy vey.


– Kristen


It’s Fridayyy!


Hello all you lovely people! It’s Friday, which means it’s time for the weekend! But it also means it’s time for us here at Aural/Visual to say THANK YOU! To all our lovely followers.

It has been a great week and we hope to continue to bring you guys some informative and entertaining posts to check out.

We’ve been busy here thinking of new ways to interact and keep things interesting. We are currently working on a logo to help brand our blog and also working on video components featuring reviews and game play of new video games and film reviews.

So that’s how I’m spending my weekend. (Aside from my real job. Yay, adulthood!)

We love feedback and would love to hear from you all! Tell us what you would like us to review or talk about.

Email: auralvisualreviews@gmail.com

Thanks again for all the love and tell your friends!