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Watch “Man of Steel – Official Nokia Exclusive Trailer [HD]” on YouTube

Nokia released the final trailer for Man of Steel yesterday. Check it out because it is pretty awesome.

One week until the movie opens and I’m sure it will top the box office for its opening weekend.

I want to avoid the opening day rush and will see on Sunday.

Are you guys stoaked for this movie or what?!


Brace yourselves. Grumpy Cat: The Movie is coming


2013 Meme of the Year award winner Grumpy Cat, will in fact get her own feature length film, reports The Guardian. The feline internet sensation gained viral internet fame last year with her picture showing her “not impressed” face. She will be animated, giving her speech and a personality. Hollywood movie producers are hoping to create a film much like another famous comic feline, Garfield.

My only question is, why?

There are so many other filmmakers out there with stories to share and art to reveal that aren’t getting green lit. Or they have to wait years and years before their work be recognized. But here we have a cat that, due to unfortunate circumstances, has an expression that renders her to be an internet sensation and because she has won several awards and alotted millions of views, producers are hoping to cash in on this success.

But will Grumpy Cat’s 15 minutes soon run out? With people’s obsession with viral videos and even humans getting famous from them, probably not. I’m just not too sure if this movie will make millions or see mildly disappointing success like the two Garfield films.

With the way mainsteam media is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if the goats who yell like humans will get their own sitcom in the near future…

Oy vey.


– Kristen

Pacific Rim – Official Main Trailer

Who’s excited for this movie?! I guess we know what Charlie Hunnam and Ron Pearlman were up to after SOA wrapped up. This movie looks awesome and especially because it is directed by Guillermo del Torro, known for his masterful works in dark fantasy and horror. del Torro is one of my favourite directors, mainly for his use of beautiful imagery depicting things that are normally monstrous. I also enjoy a good action-packed sci-fi with a good story. So, I’m looking forward to July 12th.

– Kristen

Watch “Man of Steel – TV Spot 6” on YouTube

Warner Bros. has release two more TV spots for Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel” coming out in theatres June 14th.

Here is the first one. I’m posting mobile so I don’t have the privilege of posting both in one entry. So stay tuned for the next one!

My only question is, why are they marketing this movie so hardcore? We get it, this movie is a big deal. It’s going to be huge. Stop bombarding people, Warner Bros.! Leave something for us to look forward to. Although I do enjoy these little snippets.

Hangover Part 3 – Movie Review

The Wolfpack is back  for a third and what is supposed to be the final time. This time there is no wedding, no missing night and no face tattoos and bags of Fanta.

The movie opens with Chow escaping from the prison in Bangkok. Cut to Allan driving home after he buys a giraffe (which he kills in a freakish accident on the highway). His father loses his cool, threatens to cut Allan off if he doesn’t get his life together and from the stress dies of a heart attack.

Enter Stu, Doug and Phil. Once again they are on the road with Allan, this time taking him to rehab. En route they get chased and kidnapped by a big gangster guy named Marshall (played by John Goodman) and his henchmen. After a classic Stu freak-out, Marshall explains himself and connects the dots from the first two movies as to what he wants the Wolfpack for; to find Leslie Chow because (surprise, surprise) he stole millions worth of gold bars from him and he wants his money back.

The gang is forced to find Chow, get the money and return both the money and Chow to Marshall. If not, Doug dies.They travel to Tijuana, Mexico and back to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of Chow and the money. Chow screws them over as always. hilarity ensues, they get themselves in tight situations but as always, succeeds in the end.

I won’t dive more into it because I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone who plans on seeing it, but don’t expect anything more than what we have seen in the first two installments. The movie succeeds in its comedy; the same crude and highly entertaining jokes which more or less is the norm in today’s comedic standards. The characters are still as you remember and love. The movie, although not centred around a wedding and a “hangover”, still follows the same formula as the first two.

All in all, you’re in for a good laugh. Just don’t think too much into it and you’ll have a fun time. It’s a comedy, with action and parody (see clip here). If you were entertained by the first two and not overly critical about the movies being more or less the same, then go check it out. If you’re expecting cinematic brilliance, then you’re watching the wrong movie.

“Man of Steel” Henry Cavill expresses interest in a Batman/Superman combo flick


It would be the ultimate super hero movie: Batman and Superman finally together on screen, battling it out and possibly, becoming allies?

Yes, it has been a dream of fan boys and fan girls alike and Henry Cavill is no exception.

In an interview with the UK’s SFX, Cavill expresses his interest in doing a Batman/Superman movie.

“I think it would be really interesting with the age-old Batman/Superman conflict,”


With a Justice League movie already in the works, it only seems fitting to make this one.

“They are two different sides of the same coin and their methods are entirely different. And I think it would actually make for an interesting story as to why, first of all, they were going head to head and how. I think that would make a great story.”

Well Mr. Cavill, we can only hope the people at Warner Bros. will strongly consider this.

Our fingers our crossed.

Would you like to see a Batman/Superman movie in the near future? We certainly do! Let us know what you think in our comment section.