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“…the worst thing to happen to Canada since Justin Bieber…”

As always, the internet has a plethora of websites with breaking news stories from around the globe. Of all the ones I stumbled across, nothing stood out more to me than this article from Huffington Post that talks about a letter written by a loyal Tim Horton’s customer’s complaint over their “inferior” lids.

It’s worth the read and it highly entertaining. It will have you nodding your head agreement and saying “I, too, have felt the pain of this individual!”

First world problems at its best.




Are video games art?


I frequent collegehumor.com quite a bit. I mostly go to find random, funny videos because I am easily amused (obviously). Anyway, I came across this video that asks the age old question: Are ______ art? In this case, are video games art?

Hangover Part 3 – Movie Review

The Wolfpack is back  for a third and what is supposed to be the final time. This time there is no wedding, no missing night and no face tattoos and bags of Fanta.

The movie opens with Chow escaping from the prison in Bangkok. Cut to Allan driving home after he buys a giraffe (which he kills in a freakish accident on the highway). His father loses his cool, threatens to cut Allan off if he doesn’t get his life together and from the stress dies of a heart attack.

Enter Stu, Doug and Phil. Once again they are on the road with Allan, this time taking him to rehab. En route they get chased and kidnapped by a big gangster guy named Marshall (played by John Goodman) and his henchmen. After a classic Stu freak-out, Marshall explains himself and connects the dots from the first two movies as to what he wants the Wolfpack for; to find Leslie Chow because (surprise, surprise) he stole millions worth of gold bars from him and he wants his money back.

The gang is forced to find Chow, get the money and return both the money and Chow to Marshall. If not, Doug dies.They travel to Tijuana, Mexico and back to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of Chow and the money. Chow screws them over as always. hilarity ensues, they get themselves in tight situations but as always, succeeds in the end.

I won’t dive more into it because I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone who plans on seeing it, but don’t expect anything more than what we have seen in the first two installments. The movie succeeds in its comedy; the same crude and highly entertaining jokes which more or less is the norm in today’s comedic standards. The characters are still as you remember and love. The movie, although not centred around a wedding and a “hangover”, still follows the same formula as the first two.

All in all, you’re in for a good laugh. Just don’t think too much into it and you’ll have a fun time. It’s a comedy, with action and parody (see clip here). If you were entertained by the first two and not overly critical about the movies being more or less the same, then go check it out. If you’re expecting cinematic brilliance, then you’re watching the wrong movie.