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What a terrible time this is!

What a terrible time this is!

Hey folks,

So I’m going to be the bearer of bad news here and tell you all that I will taking a break from blogging for few days or so. I know, I know, what terrible timing because E3 is happening! I’m sure many other outlets on the interwebs will provide much coverage and opinions about what’s being announced.

We are still accepting articles for guest bloggers, so if that interests you, send away!

Until then, have yourselves a great week and see you soon!


Psychedelic Posters by Elzo Durt

I (Kristen) am an absolutely fan of illustrative art! While I draw here and there myself, seeing other artists such as the ones featured in this blog and the blog poster himself, it makes me wish I had put WAY more time and effort into my art than I have in recent years. Things are slowing down for me considerably, so perhaps I shall pick up a marker or two and get drawing!

Check out this blog and the great art featured in it! I love it.