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“…the worst thing to happen to Canada since Justin Bieber…”

As always, the internet has a plethora of websites with breaking news stories from around the globe. Of all the ones I stumbled across, nothing stood out more to me than this article from Huffington Post that talks about a letter written by a loyal Tim Horton’s customer’s complaint over their “inferior” lids.

It’s worth the read and it highly entertaining. It will have you nodding your head agreement and saying “I, too, have felt the pain of this individual!”

First world problems at its best.




Global warming, yooooou sonavabeech!

In school, I was never an exceptional student in science, but I always took a keen interest in studying the weather. What intrigues me most about it is the fact that man parades around the Earth like his shit don’t stink. Truth is, Mother Nature is the all powerful before anything else.

Anywaaaaay, I stumbled across this article by the National Geographic and thought it was an interesting read. While it may not fall into our regular areas of interests, it worth checking out.

All this hubub about global warming seems to be making its way to the forefront again, at least for one side of the argument.

Dammit humans, keep your greenhouse gasses to yourselves!

I’m no scientist so I don’t really lean on any side of the argument. But I do have an opinion: Yes we are polluting the earth and yes there’s more we can do do reduce it HOWEVER, we live on a planet. It is a planet like no other we know about and is made up of elements we think we understand. We are not doing the planet a favour by existing, so hows abouts we stop trying to pinpoint the blame as to who fucked up first and focus more on adapting to Mother Earth’s temperamental tendencies?

It’s early and I’m still half asleep. Here is the link again in case you missed it.