Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

We apologize for our 3 day sabbatical, we’re just figuring some things out here. New posts coming soon!! Stay tuned.


Why must you toy with my emotions, Game of Thrones?!


Don’t worry folks, no spoilers here. I am just here to vent my frustrations about last night’s episode. I haven’t read the books yet and I’m glad I didn’t because I like the element of surprise. However, my jaw was to the floor as I watched the last ten minutes of the episode. I have not been so distraught over a show since Opie was killed off of SOA.

Anyway, the episode was intense and I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds

No one at my work watches Thrones so I have no one discuss the episode with. Maybe I need a new place of work…

What were your reactions to last night’s mind blowing episode?

– Kristen

How does Superman shave his beard?

We seem to be Superman obsessed here at Aural Visual but dammit this movie just looks too good to not talk about!

Many people through the years have questioned Superman’s shaving abilities. How does he do it? Heat vision? Krypto shaving cream? Adam and Jamie from Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters have a few theories of their own.

Also worth checking out HowDoesHeShave.com

– Kristen

Samsung Galaxy S4: Is the fastest selling Android device the perfect phone for the everyday multitasker

The newest smartphone to join the Samsung family is the Galaxy S4 in May and I must say I was quite excited. I currently have the Galaxy S3 and have been quite happy with it since leaving the iPhone behind. While I am still am a supporter of Apple products, I have to say the Android smartphone has won my heart. It’s literally like having a mini computer in my hands.

Anyway, the specs between the two phones aren’t vastly difference. However, Samsung did make some very slight adjustments in terms of camera quality and storage space. While the S3 only came in 16GB and 32GB options, with the S4 you have the option of upgrading to 64GB. In addition to that, you have the option of a microSD up to 64GB. The camera has been upgraded from 8 megapixels to 13 for the rear camera and the front camera from 1.9 megapixels to 2. It is a little lighter in weight but virtually looks the same as the S3. It has a wider HD screen display and is slightly thinner.

The Galaxy S4 camera has been said to be the best on the market according to a French digital optics firm. More about that can be found in the Tech News World article here. Pictures are much more vibrant and has better zooming options.

Little upgrades to the S4 has me wanting to upgrades in the operating system, such as voice control, a sensor software that detects your eye movements so webpages automatically scroll without touching the screen and videos pause when you look away. There is also an “air gesture” option that allows you to magnify parts of the screen when you hover your finger over it. Similar to Apple iPhone Siri option, Samsung has Google Now.

This phone is perfect for the everyday multitasker – which I am. While I am not unhappy with my S4, the flashy user-friendly options has me wanting to make the switch ASAP.

Check out the chart below to compare the side by side specifications of all the popular smartphones in Samsungs line up.

– Kristen

Behind the scenes look – Man of steel

I feel like I am swarming you guys with Man of Steel info, but with the release date approaching, a ton of videos are being released to market the film. All of which are awesome in my book. I just saw this featurette and felt like I needed to share. It gives us a big glimpse of the kind of world Zack Snyder was trying to create with Man of Steel and let’s just say I am impressed.

– Andrew

Psychedelic Posters by Elzo Durt

I (Kristen) am an absolutely fan of illustrative art! While I draw here and there myself, seeing other artists such as the ones featured in this blog and the blog poster himself, it makes me wish I had put WAY more time and effort into my art than I have in recent years. Things are slowing down for me considerably, so perhaps I shall pick up a marker or two and get drawing!

Check out this blog and the great art featured in it! I love it.